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lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

Today I'm combining two pieces of clothing from two different oufits

fashionable skirt and blouse

First piece of clothing

 Remember the loose blouse from my Comfy Closet outfit?
loose blouse and long skirt for a natural outfit

Second piece of clothing

And the long orange skirt from the different outfit I posted some days ago?
vintage look and style
Well, I decided to try them on together. 
Retro and natural look


And the result let me completely satisfied! 
Lovely style
It is such a lovely combination, really cute and nice. It is also kinda vintage, isn't it?
friendly style
 As you can see, I love these sunglasses.
original outfit full of color

domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

Street Wear

I wanted to post one of my street everyday styles, so here it is.
alternative fashion, punk outfit

Accesories and boots

The Snapback is from Billabong and the boots aren't Dr. Martens in fact they are really reinforced with a metal piece so they're quite heavy and I had to get used to them when I bought them long ago. Still they look REALLY COOL.

Snapback hardcore alternative girl vintage glasses

Pieces of clothing

The highwaisted shorts are from Bershka and I bought them last summer because I fell in love with the laced details on the pockets
The denim vest is from Zara (a quite basic one) and the jacket underneath it is from Pimkie.
alternative outfit
Hardcore outfit
Full body image
 The top is actually the only thing which is brand new in this outfit, my mom bought it for me last saturday in New Yorker, she definitely knows what I love ♥ it is a short tank suitable for high waisted things or normal trousers and showing the belly button.
The tights are from Primark.

alternative fashion
 I have no idea where are the sunglasses from, they are my mom's.

I just adore this outfit, is one of my favorites♥

Make up for Shocking Eyes

I haven't posted any pictures of my make up recently so here's one make up post!
make up for eyes

First steps

So the first color is orange, I all used it from the Vic Martin's palette except for the eyeliners and some shadows which I'll comment.

make up, green eyes

Make up I used

 As I said, first I applied orange (a light one and then I darkened it with another orange). Then I just took a deliplus platinum eye shadow nº7 which is kinda like gold. I applied it on the outter corner of my eye. Finally I used the glittery black from Kiko Make up Milano in the very outter part from the outter corner and I applied it too on the upper part of the outter corner and blurred it to the inside to give this "fan" effect. On the upper eye lid the only thing else I used was deliplus liquid eyeliner on the outter half of the eye lid as you can see in the pictures.

make up

The lower eye lid is the most colorful one in which I apply a variety of ZARA'S eye pencils. I started with yellow, then moved on to light blue, then used blue and finished with black. The black eyeline you can take it to were the used the black eye shadow to reinforce the shape of the eye.
make up green eyes


On the inner eye corner of the upper eye lid you can see that above I used a greeny turquoise above the orange to make bigger the color contrast, I blended this strange color with the golden eye shadow when I reach the middle of the eye (above the orange of course).
 I latter applied Mascara.
Make up for green eyes
The pictures have no filters.

sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

natural look

Comfy outfit

Today's outfit since its raining is a comfy one. Pretty much acceptable for everyday and really comfortable
The loose blouse is from ZARA, an old collection but still love the print! The sleeveless shirt beneath the blouse is from MOHS while the high waisted jeans are from PIMKIE.
I adore those trousers, they look good and the color is perfect, I love dark jeans

Clothing details...

loose fashionable blouseThe nicest thing about this blouse are the sleeves, they are wide and hang loose. I love the fact that the blouse goes shirred to my waist, making me a nice figure.
I didn't want to cone my hair since it is an awful day so a pony tail is perfect for every situation and gives me a casual look. Natural and cute.
my everyday outfit


This shoes made of patent leather are nice and can be worn in almost every occasion, they are elegant and stylish. I love them♥
patent leather shoes 

comfortable and trendy style

viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

Victorian Vintage Outfit

vintage old style fashion
victorian style outfit
I was looking in my mom's wardrobe this afternoon and found this abolutely lovely skirt and this old-styled vest which I definitely had to try on! So, the lace shirt is mine and I got this victorian look.
Okay, I need a little tan but that will come with summer (I hope). 

Pieces of clothing

So, the vest is from ZARA and I love the print, makes me think of the old times in London, the vest is what gives this outfit the victorian look, the skirt is also from ZARA but it is a plain orange skirt which anyone could wear. I like how it goes my my hair color and my pale skin. The lace shirt was bought in crazy in love and the sleeves contribute to the victorian style of the pictures. I usualy wear it with a corset but maybe in other posts you'll see it. It is a different combination from what I usually wear but I thought it would look nice in the pics..


rare outfit, trendy

jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

trendy decorated blouse
fashionable outfit with blousefashionable blouse from zara collection


Now I'm posting a quick update of a blouse/dress/shirt my mom bought a few weeks ago in ZARA.
Here in the pictures you can see you can wear it either with tights (which is how wear it in public) or if you dare to, without them.


The blouse is decorated, having a cute and casual look. It is quite wide so therefore I find it really comfortable and since it's not too elegant not too untidy you can wear it in your day-to-day and it will be perfectly appropiate♥

miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

Sunkissed Summer Outfit

lovely outfit for summer weatherSummer is here ladies! Although were I live we have this typical English weather, we still sometimes get our skin lovely and warmly sunkissed. As soon as I see the sun shine high in the sky, I hurry to put on my shorts and tops.
sunkissed outfit

Pieces of clothing... shorts

High waisted denim shorts as I wrote in former posts, are my favorite because they remark legs' length, and they are also suitable for those with a wide waist (which is not my case) because it leaves a beautiful figure, highlighting your curves.I bought this shorts you can see in the picture in PIMKIE

Pieces of

Fashionable shorts and topThe black top (NEY YORKER) which shows your belly button goes pretty well with high waisted shorts, jeans, trousers, skirts... Although you may not have the confidence enough to wear ir, I encourage you to try it. The best thing a woman can try on is confidence. And as long as you make yourself believe you look good, all the others will see you the way you want to show. If you act secure, they will think you are secure. Easy, right? Sadly not that much... Anyway start wearing things that scare you because you don't feel they look good on you, and eventually you'll love how they fit you!
In case it really doesn't suit you just forget about it and you can always find other tops, shirts, blouses etc that will look stunning on you. Just make the clothes yours! We can all be fashionable and look breathtaking!

vans plus shorts and top
The sneackers  I'm wearing are VANS.

beautiful for my outfit

My Prom's shoes

With this post I'll finish posting my Prom's outfit
. That's right, I'll show you the shoes I wore.

My aunt owns a Shoe shop and she mainly sells "Hispanitas" shoes which is a Spanish shoe brand of wich I declare myself a great fan.

Con esta entrada termino con el atuendo de mi graduación, pondré los zapatos. Eran de una marca española "Hispanitas", de la cual soy fan.

Model and Colors:

finishing my prom's posts, the shoes
 The model of these shoes is CHV49657, and as you can tell from the picture, the colors are bronze, steel and silver so they match almost every color! They are simple but still pretty, and I have to say: they are very, very, veeeery comfortable. I wore them harmlessly from 17:00 till 6:00!

El modelo es CHV49657 y los colores son bronce, acero y plata. Pegan con todo! Son extraordinariamente cómodos pues los llevé de 17:00 a 6:00 sin ampollas colaterales!

Hispanitas models


They are made of grain leather the upper part while the lining and insole are made of leather. All the decoration is made of plastic.

Other info:

The total was 13,5 cm and the heel is 6 cm high. 
I found them absolutely PERFECT for the rest of my outfit
which you can see in previous posts because as I explained, I wanted the attention focused on my skirt and blouse and althought beautiful, these shoes donnot call your attention at first.

Even more info...

You can check prices and pictures in these page because, my pictures were taken after wearing them and you can see my footprint (so ashamed) sorry!

for my Prom's outfit

lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

This was my smart look

Scholar Look

Today's post is more of a quick update than a make-up review
Basically I am posting a Scholar Look with a plain, white shirt with a wool, black sweater. I wore black jeans which are of none relevance to show.

El look de hoy en esta actualización rápida es un look de escolar con vaqueros negros.
Sexy scholar look

Why Black&White...

 I chose a black and white edition because it makes it look smart
which is one of the purposes of this look.

Edité las fotos en blanco y negro para mayor elegancia.
How it looked like

The make up I used ...

were the same eye shadows I mentioned on yesterday's late night post except for the Creamy Touch Kiko Make Up Milano Eye Shadow and the lipstick (intead I used one pinky I had at home since ages) nor did I use the blush and face skin glow. I used less eye shadow quantity so that it would look more natural and highlight the green in my eyes and blonde hair. The lower eye line I did it with the same dark blue eyeliner mentioned in the link above. As you can see I did no upper eyeline.

Arriba encontráis en negrita qué productos usé para el maquillaje.

Blue eye shadow, fashionable for green eyes

domingo, 22 de junio de 2014

My Prom's Make Up

Back home from hanging out with my bestie, I decided to post how I decided to match my face with my last Friday's outfit. That's it, i'm gonna show you the make up I wore.
Y hoy voy a mostrar el maquillaje que utilicé para mi graduación.
Blue shadow for trendy eyes

My choice for make up:

I decided to go for a light blue eye shadow
combined with black and grey eye shadow. I first used :
Kiko Make up Milano Full coverage Concealer #03
then I applied:
Kiko Make up Milano Mat Mousse Foundation #08 which is absolutely brilliant if you have an oily skin becuase it gives your skin a mate look which may help you look more natural.
I combined the concealer and the foundation with:
Kiko Make up Milano Face skin glow that gave me that natural porcelain glow, a great light effect by moistening my skin; I also added to my face:
Kiko Make up Milano "Rock attraction"blush from their collection "Boulevard Rock" #05 "sound coral" I went for a coral blush because I used the Kiko Make up milano "Exotic Shine lipstick" from their collection "Life in Rio" #03 "opulent coral".
As you can see I am a Kiko Make up Milano fan and I declare myself in love with their "Life in Rio" collection which calls my attention with ir exotic and bright colors, full of life.
The eye shadow I used where silver, white from the Vic Martin's palette and upon them I used the #16 platinum eye shadow from deliplus which responds to the bright light blue; all of there I applied with deliplus eye shadow brush. On the outer end of my eyes I blured Kiko Make up Milano #178 eye shadow which is a black highly pigmented eye shadow with some glitter. I blured it with Kiko make yp Milano eye brush #200. Between both colors (light blue and black) I used platinum glittering dark blue eye shadow #13 from deliplus and Vic Martin palette's grey to soften the color transition.

Arriba encontráis en negrita los productos que decidí utilizar.
Make up in my promotion
On my upper eyelid I did on the outside an eye line which I divided in two, in the inner corner I used Kiko Make Up Milano Creamy Touch Eye Shadow Duo from their collection "Life in Rio" #102 "Violet & Turquoise" I only used the Turquoise. And on the outer half, I used Oriflame Beauty's dark blue smooth definer.
Finally I used Kiko make up Milano "Luxurious Lashes waterproof mascara" and to enhance the length of my eyelashes I also used Kiko Make up Milano Lengthening Top Coat Mascara

Purpose in mind when applying make up:

One of the most important things to take into account for me was not to focus all the attention on my face, that's why I didn't go for an intense dark or black eyeshadow, nor did I use a cat eye tecnique. I wanted people to take a look at my outfit, my beautiful skirt and my shoes but I also adore make up and wanted to have the perfect look, it was kinda difficult to make people look at everything at once so I used light colors in my eyes which matched my "dressing" and my blonde hair combined perfectly with my choices.

Buscaba que la atención se centrase en mi ropa por lo que este maquillaje era sencillo y bonito, puedes ver los colores y no es soso pero tampoco es lo suficientemente llamativo como para desviar la atención del motivo principal como hubiese pasado de elegir un color más oscuro.

My make up in my prom
That's how I looked like.

Floral floaty skirt, elegant white blouse
Wide belt to unify both part.

My Prom's Outfit

As I promised, this is how I went to my promotion last Friday. I wanted an elegant look but not too excesive for the occasion. 
Consequently, after spending hours and days window-shopping in the nearest shopping mall with my friends, I went once with my mom and found this absolutely perfect set of clothing which I bought in PIMKIE. It consisted of:

Como prometí, aquí está mi atuendo para mi graduación el pasado viernes. Buscaba algo elegante pero no demasiado recargar y que me valiese para más días. Tras varias jornadas de compras y buscando sin encontrar, fui con mi madre al centro comercial de los alrededores y encontré el conjunto ideal en PIMKIE:

Outfit pieces of clothing:

-A floral, floaty, high waisted skirt which I fell in love with because of its colors, the pale pink, violet and light blue are harmonic and reflected what I looked for: a smart look which suited a scholar girl.
-A sleeveless, white blouse with an ornamented collar that made looking for a necklace needless.

-Una falda de tiro algo con vuelo y estampado de flores que me enamoró por los colores, los pasteles con el azul me parecieron tan elegantes y con clase que ♥.
-Una camisa sin tirantes con un decorado de abalorios en el cuello por lo que no necesité buscar un collar para el conjunto.
smart and colorful combination

Details and positive aspects:

Both pieces of my outfit were united by a peach, wide belt which I tied to my waist height helping to remark my figure.
All in all, since I am a tall girl (1,75m) the high waisted, floaty skirt plus the wide belt waist heighted emphasized the lenght of my legs. This is a piece of advice, which I would take notice of if I were you: if you have long legs, wearing high wasted clothing higlights the lenght of you legs making them look prettier.
The shoes I matched this look with I will post them in further days since I wasn't able to take them a picture because I was in a hurry. I will also post the make up I wore. The jacket was just an ordinary peach blazer.

Los uní con un cinturón ancho a la altura de la cintura de color naranja pálido. Las cosas de tiro algo remarcan la figura y el conjunto hacía mis piernas destacar por su largura. Por ello el tiro alto es una gran opción para las chicas altas. Los zapatos los pondré en una entrada posterior y la chaqueta era una americana corta de color naranja pálido. No pude sacarme fotos con ella porque llegaba tarde.

Overall result:

This outfit was perfect for my promotion day since it was appropiate for the celebration: it wasn't too opulent nor was it lame. It was just perfect for the day because of its colors which were innocent and fresh just what a good girl would wear. And it really suited me I didn't want to wear a wedding dress but I also didn't liked the idea of dressing as if it was an ordinary Saturday.

Fue perfecto para mi graduación por no ser demasiado recargado ni demasiado soso. Los colores inocentes y frescos eran perfectos para una graduada. Me encantó.

fashionable elegant look


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