viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

Zara Basic Fashion

zara fashionAs you can tell, I have tons of clothing from ZARA and today's look is Zara's at its greatest. I wanted a basic and formal outfit for today since I had to go downtown to do some errands. Like I promised: here are the pictures.

Outfit's Description

It's a basic floaty sleeveless dark blue top, TRF dark jeans and an orange (in the pictures it seems to be red but it's actually orange) long blazer. All of it from ZARA

Make up & Accesories & Shoes

I used no make up and the shoes you might well know them since they're my patent leather shoes. The belt is a present so I have no idea of where it is from. The handbag is from MARY PAZ.


 I went to have dinner with my bestie and I believed I looked smart enough but not excessively elegant for the occasion.
zara outfitbasic outfit

basic stylebasic fashion


4 comentarios:

Fashion Bomb Blog dijo...


Vadtrizia dijo...

Thank you fashion bom blog, me too!

FabFashionaire dijo...

I agree. I have a couple of pieces from ZARA, too. That red blazer is pretty <3
Rathana xo ✪

Vadtrizia dijo...

To FabFashionaire: Zara is great ♥ It's actually orange but I love the blazer yes :D
Thanks for the comment!


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