viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

An Old Outfit

Later I'll post today's outfit but for the moment I found this picture and liked it enought to feel like posting it here for you! It's from two or three years ago, when I had darker hair.

Outfit's Description

I'm wearing plain clear jeans from ZARA, Nirvana's T-shirt (I used to have a lot of merchandise clothing), a tartan red and black shirt from DC with a coat from BERSHKA.


I like the street style it has plus the personality of the clothing, the picture itself is one I like pretty much.
merchandise style

5 comentarios:

Hadrien Leite dijo...

Super cool pics
Nice outfit too
Great work :)

Vadtrizia dijo...

To Hadrien: thank you so much♥

Fashion Bomb Blog dijo...

I love the look of this picture so much! : )

Fashion Bomb Blog dijo...

Love the look and personality of this photo! : )

Vadtrizia dijo...

To Fashion Bomb Blog: THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ you are great :D


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