domingo, 6 de julio de 2014

Outfit for going to have lunch with my family

 Today we went to have lunch all together to a small town in the nearby. Although the sun didn't shine, it didn't rain either so it wasn't such a bad day. The meal was excellent and we had a really good time. So here is my outfit for today!

Outfit's description

I bought these scruffy jeans that looked as if they were losing their color last saturday in BERSHKA (yeah, sales are here! Shopping all day, all night♥) they are tight and high waisted and I'm so happy to have them!
The basic grey t-shirt is from ZARA and the black denim crop top is from NEW YORKER. The black blazer is from BERSHKA too. 
I believe blazers give every look an elegant and trendy style which goes well with every outfit, blazers are so fashionable, I adore them!

Shoes & Accesories

I'm wearing VANS and my well known sunglasses.
The handbag has already been posted on former looks but today I'm presenting it properly. As you can see it's got three pockets, the first one and the last one are black but the one in the middle has got a lovely print which gives it a fresh and funny touch. It's comfortable and I can take everything I need in it since it is pretty spacious. It's from MARY PAZ.


I found this outfit pretty comfortable and suitable, and you?

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sepatuholig-Grace Njio dijo...

Beautiful photos! Great sneakers indeed!


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