domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

Make up for Shocking Eyes

I haven't posted any pictures of my make up recently so here's one make up post!
make up for eyes

First steps

So the first color is orange, I all used it from the Vic Martin's palette except for the eyeliners and some shadows which I'll comment.

make up, green eyes

Make up I used

 As I said, first I applied orange (a light one and then I darkened it with another orange). Then I just took a deliplus platinum eye shadow nº7 which is kinda like gold. I applied it on the outter corner of my eye. Finally I used the glittery black from Kiko Make up Milano in the very outter part from the outter corner and I applied it too on the upper part of the outter corner and blurred it to the inside to give this "fan" effect. On the upper eye lid the only thing else I used was deliplus liquid eyeliner on the outter half of the eye lid as you can see in the pictures.

make up

The lower eye lid is the most colorful one in which I apply a variety of ZARA'S eye pencils. I started with yellow, then moved on to light blue, then used blue and finished with black. The black eyeline you can take it to were the used the black eye shadow to reinforce the shape of the eye.
make up green eyes


On the inner eye corner of the upper eye lid you can see that above I used a greeny turquoise above the orange to make bigger the color contrast, I blended this strange color with the golden eye shadow when I reach the middle of the eye (above the orange of course).
 I latter applied Mascara.
Make up for green eyes
The pictures have no filters.

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