domingo, 22 de junio de 2014

My Prom's Make Up

Back home from hanging out with my bestie, I decided to post how I decided to match my face with my last Friday's outfit. That's it, i'm gonna show you the make up I wore.
Y hoy voy a mostrar el maquillaje que utilicé para mi graduación.
Blue shadow for trendy eyes

My choice for make up:

I decided to go for a light blue eye shadow
combined with black and grey eye shadow. I first used :
Kiko Make up Milano Full coverage Concealer #03
then I applied:
Kiko Make up Milano Mat Mousse Foundation #08 which is absolutely brilliant if you have an oily skin becuase it gives your skin a mate look which may help you look more natural.
I combined the concealer and the foundation with:
Kiko Make up Milano Face skin glow that gave me that natural porcelain glow, a great light effect by moistening my skin; I also added to my face:
Kiko Make up Milano "Rock attraction"blush from their collection "Boulevard Rock" #05 "sound coral" I went for a coral blush because I used the Kiko Make up milano "Exotic Shine lipstick" from their collection "Life in Rio" #03 "opulent coral".
As you can see I am a Kiko Make up Milano fan and I declare myself in love with their "Life in Rio" collection which calls my attention with ir exotic and bright colors, full of life.
The eye shadow I used where silver, white from the Vic Martin's palette and upon them I used the #16 platinum eye shadow from deliplus which responds to the bright light blue; all of there I applied with deliplus eye shadow brush. On the outer end of my eyes I blured Kiko Make up Milano #178 eye shadow which is a black highly pigmented eye shadow with some glitter. I blured it with Kiko make yp Milano eye brush #200. Between both colors (light blue and black) I used platinum glittering dark blue eye shadow #13 from deliplus and Vic Martin palette's grey to soften the color transition.

Arriba encontráis en negrita los productos que decidí utilizar.
Make up in my promotion
On my upper eyelid I did on the outside an eye line which I divided in two, in the inner corner I used Kiko Make Up Milano Creamy Touch Eye Shadow Duo from their collection "Life in Rio" #102 "Violet & Turquoise" I only used the Turquoise. And on the outer half, I used Oriflame Beauty's dark blue smooth definer.
Finally I used Kiko make up Milano "Luxurious Lashes waterproof mascara" and to enhance the length of my eyelashes I also used Kiko Make up Milano Lengthening Top Coat Mascara

Purpose in mind when applying make up:

One of the most important things to take into account for me was not to focus all the attention on my face, that's why I didn't go for an intense dark or black eyeshadow, nor did I use a cat eye tecnique. I wanted people to take a look at my outfit, my beautiful skirt and my shoes but I also adore make up and wanted to have the perfect look, it was kinda difficult to make people look at everything at once so I used light colors in my eyes which matched my "dressing" and my blonde hair combined perfectly with my choices.

Buscaba que la atención se centrase en mi ropa por lo que este maquillaje era sencillo y bonito, puedes ver los colores y no es soso pero tampoco es lo suficientemente llamativo como para desviar la atención del motivo principal como hubiese pasado de elegir un color más oscuro.

My make up in my prom
That's how I looked like.

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