miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

Sunkissed Summer Outfit

lovely outfit for summer weatherSummer is here ladies! Although were I live we have this typical English weather, we still sometimes get our skin lovely and warmly sunkissed. As soon as I see the sun shine high in the sky, I hurry to put on my shorts and tops.
sunkissed outfit

Pieces of clothing... shorts

High waisted denim shorts as I wrote in former posts, are my favorite because they remark legs' length, and they are also suitable for those with a wide waist (which is not my case) because it leaves a beautiful figure, highlighting your curves.I bought this shorts you can see in the picture in PIMKIE

Pieces of

Fashionable shorts and topThe black top (NEY YORKER) which shows your belly button goes pretty well with high waisted shorts, jeans, trousers, skirts... Although you may not have the confidence enough to wear ir, I encourage you to try it. The best thing a woman can try on is confidence. And as long as you make yourself believe you look good, all the others will see you the way you want to show. If you act secure, they will think you are secure. Easy, right? Sadly not that much... Anyway start wearing things that scare you because you don't feel they look good on you, and eventually you'll love how they fit you!
In case it really doesn't suit you just forget about it and you can always find other tops, shirts, blouses etc that will look stunning on you. Just make the clothes yours! We can all be fashionable and look breathtaking!

vans plus shorts and top
The sneackers  I'm wearing are VANS.

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