domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

Street Wear

I wanted to post one of my street everyday styles, so here it is.
alternative fashion, punk outfit

Accesories and boots

The Snapback is from Billabong and the boots aren't Dr. Martens in fact they are really reinforced with a metal piece so they're quite heavy and I had to get used to them when I bought them long ago. Still they look REALLY COOL.

Snapback hardcore alternative girl vintage glasses

Pieces of clothing

The highwaisted shorts are from Bershka and I bought them last summer because I fell in love with the laced details on the pockets
The denim vest is from Zara (a quite basic one) and the jacket underneath it is from Pimkie.
alternative outfit
Hardcore outfit
Full body image
 The top is actually the only thing which is brand new in this outfit, my mom bought it for me last saturday in New Yorker, she definitely knows what I love ♥ it is a short tank suitable for high waisted things or normal trousers and showing the belly button.
The tights are from Primark.

alternative fashion
 I have no idea where are the sunglasses from, they are my mom's.

I just adore this outfit, is one of my favorites♥

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