viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

Victorian Vintage Outfit

vintage old style fashion
victorian style outfit
I was looking in my mom's wardrobe this afternoon and found this abolutely lovely skirt and this old-styled vest which I definitely had to try on! So, the lace shirt is mine and I got this victorian look.
Okay, I need a little tan but that will come with summer (I hope). 

Pieces of clothing

So, the vest is from ZARA and I love the print, makes me think of the old times in London, the vest is what gives this outfit the victorian look, the skirt is also from ZARA but it is a plain orange skirt which anyone could wear. I like how it goes my my hair color and my pale skin. The lace shirt was bought in crazy in love and the sleeves contribute to the victorian style of the pictures. I usualy wear it with a corset but maybe in other posts you'll see it. It is a different combination from what I usually wear but I thought it would look nice in the pics..


rare outfit, trendy

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