lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

This was my smart look

Scholar Look

Today's post is more of a quick update than a make-up review
Basically I am posting a Scholar Look with a plain, white shirt with a wool, black sweater. I wore black jeans which are of none relevance to show.

El look de hoy en esta actualización rápida es un look de escolar con vaqueros negros.
Sexy scholar look

Why Black&White...

 I chose a black and white edition because it makes it look smart
which is one of the purposes of this look.

Edité las fotos en blanco y negro para mayor elegancia.
How it looked like

The make up I used ...

were the same eye shadows I mentioned on yesterday's late night post except for the Creamy Touch Kiko Make Up Milano Eye Shadow and the lipstick (intead I used one pinky I had at home since ages) nor did I use the blush and face skin glow. I used less eye shadow quantity so that it would look more natural and highlight the green in my eyes and blonde hair. The lower eye line I did it with the same dark blue eyeliner mentioned in the link above. As you can see I did no upper eyeline.

Arriba encontráis en negrita qué productos usé para el maquillaje.

Blue eye shadow, fashionable for green eyes

4 comentarios:

Hallie Whiting dijo...

La maquillaje es muy muy bonita!! Me gusta tu blog! Gracias para la comentario y seguimiento. xx

Anesu Kashora dijo...

Lovely makeup you look beautiful! Xx

Vadtrizia dijo...

Thank you so much, it means a lot♥
Yea I know, I followed you :)

Vadtrizia dijo...

Thanks Hallie :) Nice of you your attempt of answering in my language lovely ♥


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