lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

Today I'm combining two pieces of clothing from two different oufits

fashionable skirt and blouse

First piece of clothing

 Remember the loose blouse from my Comfy Closet outfit?
loose blouse and long skirt for a natural outfit

Second piece of clothing

And the long orange skirt from the different outfit I posted some days ago?
vintage look and style
Well, I decided to try them on together. 
Retro and natural look


And the result let me completely satisfied! 
Lovely style
It is such a lovely combination, really cute and nice. It is also kinda vintage, isn't it?
friendly style
 As you can see, I love these sunglasses.
original outfit full of color

8 comentarios:

Jeanne dijo...

Very nice combo indeed! Orange is such a lovely summery colour!

Vadtrizia dijo...

To Jeanne: thank you so much♥

Vadtrizia dijo...

To Jeanne: thank you so much♥

Joy Yiu dijo...

Lovely! ! Hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like!

Vadtrizia dijo...

To Yoi: sure I can!! thanks :)

Jodi H dijo...

I love your orange skirt.

Vadtrizia dijo...

To Jodi H: Thanks Jodie ♥♥

Mona- Hamburger Fashionblog dijo...

Wie cool!! Das freut mich, vielen lieben Dank :)


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