sábado, 5 de julio de 2014

Bizarre Style

This post's outfit is a mixture of styles, you might recognize the high waisted floral skirt from My Promotion Outfit. It's a quick update since I'm hanging out right now!

Outfit's description

The skirt is already explained in that post I linked up before and the t-shirt is some IN FLAMES merchandise bought in and I cropped the sides and joined them back again with lots of safety pins.  It's got this metal and alternative look I adore. 
The denim vest is from ZARA (of course, ZARA must be in my outfit).
 The shoes are the same as the Ibizan Party post.


So, I think it looks pretty cool and different, I like the personal touch of a metal band t-shirt with the skirt. And I really appreciate all your comments and follows, I'll answer all of them tomorrow!

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Fashion Bomb Blog dijo...

LOVE the shoes and shirt! <3



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