miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

New Year's Eve Outfit

I found these pictures on my pc this evening and since all the newest looks are being revised and edited (of course by me), I decided to give me some time to do it properly because today I don't really have much time, I'm hanging out (yay! I finally start properly my summer with an party inspired on Ibiza and we all have to dress white) yes, I'll upload pictures, but for the moment I'll post my last January 1st outfit.

Outfit's description


The dress was a special article taken from my mom's wardrobe (yes, she is a super total fashion victim too). It's a knee-long champaign dress. It's got a pretty noticeable neckline, only appropiate for these kind of special nights. I like the fact that it's made of a glittery fabric and makes a really nice figure. It was the perfect dress for a night party outfit. Since I live in a small town I can't really use these kind of clothing when clubbing.


Of course I went to have my hair done and I cut off my fringe because I could see anymore, I re-shaved my right side (sometimes I cover it , sometimes not) and I wanted a whole hair braid but since I've got deadlocks on the back of my head I hadn't that much hair so instead, I did a braid on the upper part of my head so that my shaved side could be seen and I curled the rest of my hair. I also died my hair's tips red/orange (this color didn't last long because my blonde expelled it, loved it anyway♥)


 I wore an american-fist necklace and this short jacket covered with sequins. So a shiny outfit for this important and bright night. Sadly it rained (how rare ¬¬)

Make up

My upper eyelid was all a brown eye shadow scale with some grey in the outter corner while the lower eyelid I used ZARA gold eye pencil. Easy make up but suitable to the dress. I used  simple foundation and mascara  so the brands' names is of no relevance and I didn't use blush


Since I was going to stay awake and around the whole night long, I used comfortable heels, specifically the ones of this post

Final Result

I was pretty happy on how I looked like, elegant and classy. The clothings fitted me well and were absolutely brilliant (in my opinion). Hope you like it too!♥

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