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Pink Floyd inspired Outfit

vintage outfit

I'm such a fan of this group (you should deninitely give it a try) that I bought this merchandise T-shirt in a shop downtown and since I love tanks and hate sleeves I cut them off the T-shit I still have to crop a little bit more and better and should really fix the neck but I kinda love how it looks like now. So street wear. And very comfortable.

fashion portraits

Look's Description

So, as I said the T-shirt I shabbily redesigned was bought downtown but you could find it anywhere selling merchandise, Pink Floyd is so well-known it's a classic which's merch is quite easy to find as it happens with AC/DC, Metallica, Nirvana (I curse the one who decided it was cool to wear merch without listening to the group, so POSER).

Beneath the T-shirt I have a Top from PRIMARK so that not everything you can see is my bra because I don't really want to show off in a cheap way (haha!)

vintage outfit and fashion
You might recognize this jeans from previous posts, but is just that I love these jeans so much! They're great because I can combine them with everything and the are high waisted and make my legs look so thin... I'm kinda infatuated with them♥
pink floyd outfit
the back of my T-shirt

 Fashion Tip:

I kinda dislike my shoulders because they don't look really feminine since I do pretty much a lot of sport and if the same happens to you I recommend you to wear sleeveless things because when you uncover them they look better and not that big.

vintage fashion

Accesories & Make Up:

These sunglasses may ring a bell to you don't they? That's because I also adore them and they are so useful for achieving this retro and vintage look. I think they are very trendy.
I used no make up but for the Kiko Life in Rio nº03 Coral Lipstick.
Pink Floyd fashion


I just let my wavy hair untied and did two braids on my left side (my right side is shaved) and fastened them with two hairpins. A natural and relaxed way of combing your hair.

hardcore fashion, alternative outfit
merchandise fashion, alternative
Hey you, don't be just another brick in the Wall.

4 comentarios:

Mona- Hamburger Fashionblog dijo...

thank you so much, your german is pretty good! do you take german classes?:)

Vadtrizia dijo...

To Mona: I'll answer in your blog

Helena Natanael dijo...

cool look! bad for me, I don't really like sleeveless things, it make my arm look big! but I'm doing sport things regularly to make my arm smaller.

Capturing Reves

Vadtrizia dijo...

to Helena: thanks ♥ surely they ain't that big it's just in your head :)
I'll check your blog and tell you :D


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