martes, 8 de julio de 2014

Relaxed Summer Outfit

 Tonight's post is inspired in Summer, the straw hat makes me think about the beach and sunny weather which is actually what we have not got here at the moment.

Outfit's Description

So it's basically a basic white t-shirt you can find anywhere, I bought it in Decathlon and I already showed you these jeans in my other post Born to blossom, bloom to perish
The kimono has also appeared in Ibizan Party and the shoes too. I bought the straw hat in a street market in a town near mine.


I love the summer style of these outfit, I think it goes well with the season and reminisces the beach time♥

2 comentarios:

Hadrien Leite dijo...

Awesome outfit and very great pics
Great Work

Vadtrizia dijo...

To Hadrien: thanks i really appreciate the comment and the follow, followback♥


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